The Pot and Kettle of Elon Musk

Everyone remember when good ole Elon coined (no pun intended) himself the Dogefather? Remember when he (and Tesla) bought all that Bitcoin? How about when he said Tesla was prepping to accept the pioneer coin as payment?

And then in May, he pulled the rug. His concern, he stated, was the environmental effect of the mining process. Albeit, it takes the energy of a small country to produce coins, so he isn’t completely wrong. But, he might be a bit of a hypocrite.

For several years now, Musk and his cohorts at Tesla have been the topic of ethics concerns regarding mining practices of cobalt – the key ingredient of a lithium-ion battery. Now to be fair – Mush (that’s a typo, but I liked it so I left it) commented in September of 2019 that he would hope to be cobalt free. And to be fairer, he recently tweeted that Tesla batteries are using three percent less cobalt. While, that has likely saved him some cash (cobalt is very expensive), it negligible to say the least in terms of ending use of cobalt. And his newest kick seems to be nickel, also mined with some unsavory practices, also very expensive, also limited in supply.

This isn’t actually cobalt or nickel, but you get the idea
Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

While the practices used to mine are under scrutiny, you should know that the environmental and health effect are as well. Smoke stacks of sulphur dioxide paint the skies of the Philipines, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and Russia, while the earth is blanketed in cancerous dust. Mines in the Philippines have been shut down due to these concerns and high rates of health issues are being documented in Columbian miners. Nonetheless, Tesla sets out to increase its vehicle production.

Photo by Worldspectrum on Pexels.com

So, let’s get back to that environmental effect of mining digital currency. It’s true. Mining coins takes significant energy generated (currently) from fossil fuels. In fact, it was estimated that the current circulation of Bitcoin took roughly the same amount of energy required to power Switzerland for a year.

There’s no denying that Elon’s statement is correct. I’m just not altogether certain he should be the one pointing it out.

When I was asked….

When I was asked why I sell beard care products with http://www.bearded-urban.com, I wasn’t surprised. I mean…it’s weird right?

Female owned beard care company because we touch your face

Women don’t have beards right? This is very true.

Also true…Les Wexner of Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have boobs, but he sells bras…

Check out Bearded Urban at http://www.bearded-urban.com. A complete men’s grooming store for beard care and more.

NFTs: The Celebrity Cash Cow

Snoop Dogg, Grimes…even Tony Hawk is cashing in on the NFT drama. In fact the NFT craze of 2021 has a Beatle Mania vibe. Barely-a-sentence tweets are selling for millions…if you’re a celebrity and fans are a-flockin’.

Overpriced memes and overpriced art that will likely never match its current value. Boy…they can dupe us, can’t they?

Fan Flair is the least of its value

The thing is…Ethereum is onto something here. Bitcoin, the flashiest of coins, is…well…junk in comparison. To put it in plain language it’s popular by name, but overvalued in its function…its function being nothing. “It was the pioneer coin”, you’ll tell me. “And that’s all it is,” I’ll tell you.

Bitcoin is a token with no real use save for the activity of buying and selling it. In fact, the buying and selling is THE ONLY REASON IT HAS VALUE. Should I repeat that? That isn’t sustainable, nonetheless it dominates (unjustly) the crypto market.

But, Ethereum started down the road of awesome with NFTs locked into their blockchain. This decentralized means of authenticating data makes CDM a dinosaur. Imagine the practical uses for this…trademarking, deeds, publishing, copyrights…and YOU finally control your own work with instant certification.

The use of NFT (after all its a smart contract) would change the face of healthcare data, patents, registry data, domains, taxes, degrees…where do we stop? Well…currently, it would seem, we stopped at celebrity. 🤦‍♀️

Happy Easter!!

So, I’m driving along all single-like on Easter morn-not heading to anything holy-and mulling over my day….

Family and friends started sending the usual love, except my siblings-they were digging up awkward family photos and getting all quippy about it.

It had started raining-not a lot, just enough to need wipers that screech along because it was just that amount of rain. I flipped through the stations, about four cars back waiting for the light and frustrated that the it stared on with those stupid, little Mothman eyes, when I glanced up and squinted through the spittle of rain.

Better than that chocolate Easter rabbit

I hadn’t planned on making Easter baskets for anybody…but I felt inspired.

A Six Piece Please

Planning a 40th birthday in COVID season isn’t easy….so everyone got creative. Socially distanced and what not, we navigated the waters for my brother this weekend. He was on to us days before. I dodged his calls and avoided anything that might oust me being in town from Savannah.

Hey…when you are, you are

The day of, we knew he knew and he knew we knew he knew (I’ll wait…). But surprises, you know, come in all shapes and sizes.

We’d just been talking about Shel Silverstein

At forty, most of your family and friends will look back on your life for you. In my brother’s case, it was always a matter of funny little mishaps. Getting clobbered by a bat stealing home (straight hospital busting open the side of his face for a month to drain it 🤢), for instance.

There’s always that one relative…the one that shows up with the oddest of things. Most cringe at the awkward sweater or Kama Sutra book they got from a grandma or aunt. Imagine your granny giving you a book on eroticism because they’d heard it got great reviews.

It was near to noon on a sunny day on Willowdale Lake in Ohio, when our aunt pulled up just before my brother was scheduled to arrive. She was quite apologetic but it was all in the spirit of the party, you see.

This isn’t Willowdale Lake and has nothing to do with the story, but I took this picture last week and I’m proud of it

She’d picked up the chicken, she insisted. My sister clenched her jaw and asked what she meant. My aunt untangled her hair from her purse and walked back toward the door, motioning all to follow. I dragged myself along, listening to my sister mutter complaints. I could could go for chicken, I thought. Without looking, she handed back a large carton, while she squawked out what she’d done.

Your brother always did like chickens, so I thought he’d like these peeps. I mean, it was a six peep minimum, so I just got him, you know, the whole setup…feed, bedding, lamp.

Ain’t Hemp Grande?

Everyone knows hemp is a sustainable option for many things. We love hemp jewelry and rope. We obsess over hemp paper and hemp cloth. Why wouldn’t we? It’s great!

Hemp yarn by http://www.darngoodyarn.com

Hemp yarn (sometimes called nettle yarn) is no different. We (and by “we” I mean the crafters of the world) love the simple, durable fiber as an organic and sustainable option for many things.

Organic Hemp Exfoliating Pads by CratefulStudio

Take exfoliating scrubs, for instance. These are a great alternative to synthetic scrubbies. Pictured above are the latest options from CratefulStudio. These organic hemp scrubbies are specifically designed for the face and body. Machine washable (in a garment bag), these exfoliating pads are hand crocheted and come in different size. Running between $5 – $15, they are (appropriately) called The Ugly. Check them out! http://www.cratefulstudio.com

Well Ain’t This Funky!

I came across this awesome chunky knit blanket by http://www.cratefulstudio.com and instantly fell in love!

Rainbow Unicorn Chunky Knit Blanket by http://www.CratefulStudio.com

The blanket, a gigantic take on knitting, is a merino acrylic blend. This fluffy soft, medium weight blanket is reasonably priced, but limited in inventory. A size large blanket can be obtained for around $160.

This awesome take on a new classic is very unique to the mix. The bright rainbow colors would make anyone smile! Check it out at http://www.CratefulStudio.com!

The Problem With…

The problem with John Brennan is that he is bigot. If you’ve not heard his recent comments, you should. I’ve posted a link below.

It makes sense doesn’t it? Our Two Party System is corrupt, not dumb. With a very fractured Republican Party and a disgusted American public, it would stand to reason people would look to Third Parties as a solution to the problem.

Do you know who Justin Amash is? Michigan Federal House Member. Until April of 2020, he was a Republican. I’m not going to spoon feed to you what he did in April; rather, I encourage you to look it up.

The Libertarian Party is NOT Republican ideology, but if one saw their own football team on the verge dismantlement, wouldn’t one look to find the next prospect to latch on to? The fact is the Libertarian Party is gaining momentum because of a disgusted public looking for better (or at least different) options. But with the public, will come some republicans.

Those in power seem scared. And being scared to lose power leads to proactively damning anything in the way. It’s a long game, really. A four year long game.

I speculate—and it is speculation—that we’ll hear more bigotry against Libertarians over the next four years. Likely see our new administration through its Hollywood arm and social media fraternity continue to damn the Libertarian Party, little by little. After all, to properly gain blind devotion, you must spoon feed your devotees little lies and seeds of doubt planted here and there.

John Brennan is a bigot. Look at how carefully and casually he dropped the “even the libertarians” comment alongside a string of terrorists and racists. And we ALL know the easiest way to bully people into submission is to call them terrorists and racists. Funny though, the Libertarian Party despised Trump and the Republican Party. Then again, libertarians despise the Dems too. Interesting how the Reps and Dems will band together using foot soldiers to secure the totality of their diarchy.

So, yes, John Brennan is a bigot. And unlike his passive aggressive comment about libertarians…I’m more of a direct communicator.